24 years of back pain – gone in two sessions!

Dear Trisha-Rose.

What can I say!!

My experience with her was indescribable but I will try to express what happened.It was through recommendation of my masseuse, that I go and see Trisha-Rose, as she believed she could help me with my chronic back condition.After 24 years of pain with my back I decided anything was worth a go, although I somehow knew instinctively that I must go.I had worked through most of the other issues in my life that were stopping me from being vibrant and happy and all that was left was to cure my back. From the age of 15 years old I had been to chiropracters, acupuncturists, osteopaths, tried various massage techniques, used slant boards and physiotherapists but nothing permanently alleviated the pain.On meeting Trisha-Rose, I instantly felt a closeness to her. She was so familiar to me. After our first one and half hour session, while my back still felt somewhat painful and tender, it was a different kind of pain. I did feel instantly very, very peaceful and calm. Just on top of the world. It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning and jumped straight out of bed, that I knew a miracle had happened. For the first time in years I was able to get out of bed with no pain. My husband was totally amazed. Usually every morning, after lying on my back all night, it would take either his help or me slowly crawling out of bed, before I could get up.After my second session I once again experienced a wonderful peacefulness and knew I had been totally healed.I can say with honesty and confidence after only two sessions with Trisha-Rose she healed my back holistically and completely. I had been healed on all levels, mind, body and spirit.From my experience, it just seemed to snowball throughout my family and friends. Both my husband and 19 year old son also experienced amazing positive results after their healing sessions with Trisha-Rose. My husband being able to release old emotional pain and anger, that had built up over the years, that he hadn’t been able to release or express and my son’s back problems. They believe their experience changed their lives forever.I will be forever grateful for the way Trisha-Rose changed my life and know without a doubt she will go on to do amazing healings with many people throughout the world.She has a rare and wonderful gift.


Karen Rehu
Auckland, New Zealand

Three year old girl learns to speak

Dear Trisha-Rose

Thank you very much for improving my daughter Kiri’s health especially with her middle ear. It is wonderful to see our three and half year old little girl learning to talk with all the energy and life of a bouncing child.Trisha-Rose, you have helped me realise that I am the one who can make positive changes in my life which in turn, effects my family and the love/harmony we now enjoy. THANK YOU.I have visited many natural therapists and physicians – you are one of only two who “walked beside me” and encouraged me with warmth, love and laughter to be positive about me and my life.YOU have helped me understand that to help my little girl to be healthy, happy and learn how to talk, my wife and I (especially me) need to be positive about our own lives and relate to each other in the family with love.You have given us the tools to go forward in our lives with confidence, love and faith that we are indeed the keepers of our own destinies.You have always talked to me with love and firmness – encouraging me to reflect inwardly, meditate on solution, not problems in life.While you have encouraged us to be free spirits and walk our own journey, I know if we need your expertise, we are welcome to contact you again.You are a true healer and friend.Thank you and Love always.

Rod, Chris and Kiri Archer
Miami, Gold Coast, Queensland


Christchurch NZ, Family with teenager, all healed

Matt Brown

Matthew was 13 years of age when he first saw Trisha-Rose, just hours before we were due to fly home following a trip to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.Mathew had faced a number of intellectual and medical challenges in his life (along with the trauma of losing his dad in a car accident) and we had run the medical and educational gauntlet in NZ for a while.I was prepared to try anything to give him a chance, and when a mutual friend urged me to let Trisha-rose see Matthew, I was only too willing. I am not sure what resulted from that first hasty visit, but I recall a sense of peace and calm that seemed to be with Matthew and stay with him for some weeks after his one session with Trisha-Rose. I was fascinated, but sceptical.It was to be another 2 and a half years before Matthew saw Trisha-Rose on her visit to NZ. By this time he had undergone psychological tests that indicated he was at risk, had been diagnosed as having a syndrome ‘of some sort’ and in addition, was driving me spare!

Thus when I realised Trisha-Rose was coming to Christchurch I thought I would try again.I am aware that Trisha-rose worked with Matthew on a number of levels, one of which involved his bond with his deceased dad.

Since those sessions, and coinciding with a change of schools, Matthew has achieved his driving license, has confidence in himself, has experienced some pretty normal teenage things (a girlfriend) and looks to the future with a confidence I did not think could ever occur. And yes, he still drives me crazy, but it is now on the level of a 16 year old teenager. Co-incidence? I do not know.

Sue Brown

While prepared to try spiritual healing for my son, Matthew it had never occurred to me to consider it for myself. I was ‘a one foot in, one foot out’ person. I was fascinated but much too logical and very reluctant to try it myself. Again, it was on the prompting of a trusted friend that I finally put myself in Trisha-Rose’s hands.I had suffered recurring problems with an Achilles tendon injury that I had been advised (by an orthopaedic surgeon) would require surgery to heal. Not fancying 10 weeks with my ankle in a cast, I was battling on with daily discomfort (I couldn’t walk on the ankle without pain) and had stopped playing badminton and squash and had ceased my regular running. I had been using magnets as an alternative therapy to find some relief.I had two sessions with Trisha-Rose, it was very different. My little chatterbox of a mind was fascinated (but still disbelieving). After the first visit I talked with Trisha-Rose and promptly went back to work. It wasn’t until I was driving home that evening, that I realised I HAD NO PAINIn fact, I bounced into the house at home demanding my partner ask how my ankle was!! Despite Trisha-Rose’s advice to be careful, and to go home and put my foot up and take it easy for 2 to 3 days. I danced around the room. Nothing!! NO PAIN!!!I do not ‘know’ what happened but it was something special and I can state with confidence that I have resumed an active lifestyle which includes lots of walking, competitive squash, gardening, dancing etc., and have no re-occurrence of the pain that I had begun to accept as part of my life. I FEEL GREAT!!

Colin Brown

I was very sceptical. But then my partner had been to a session for Achilles tendon, with success.

My lower back was giving me hell again even after receiving treatment from a reputable osteopath.

After learning that Trisha-Rose was back in NZ for a short time, I went along with my back problem -hoping for a miracle.

After a one and a half hour session with Trisha-Rose, who took my pain with her healing, I returned for a follow-up appointment. That was over 4 months ago and I no longer have the back pain I suffered on an outgoing basis.

I do not profess to know the healing process involved, but from personal experience I thank Trisha-Rose for the gift she has in making my life enjoyable again.

Trisha-Rose is unique in that she teaches you to be your own healer

Depression, anxiety, sleepless nights, nightmares, bloody urine, gastric ulcers, uterine fibroids, low back pain, fear, anger, and suspected bladder cancer. These symptoms and diagnosis are what I was facing when I decided to attend a free healing meditation with Trisha-Rose.I attended the healing meditation with scepticism and uncertainty. I left the meditation filled with hope and a sense of peacefulness I had not had in a very long time.After my first healing session with Trisha-Rose I felt an immediate change in my anxiety and depression level. I slept soundly all through the night.After three sessions, I was a new person and after 6 sessions all of my physical symptoms were gone and it felt good to be alive. I am healed and I now know how to heal myself.Trisha-Rose is unique in that she teaches you to be your own healer.I am forever grateful to Trisha-Rose and her spiritual team.

Many thanks.
Rose Jenkins
North Carolina, USA

Painful sciatica “Disappeared within two days!

I am delighted to be able to share my experience with you regarding Trisha-Rose Tirase.I have known Trisha-Rose for 28 years so was obviously comfortable about her technique for healing. I haven’t really had a lot wrong with me that needed healing, however I did experience sciatica after having my first child 21 years ago. This was a recurring event unfortunately and extremely painful. Trisha-Rose offered her services about 13 years ago so of course I accepted. Within 2 days my sciatica had disappeared completely and I have not had it back since.Also whilst treating me (only needed 2 sessions), she worked on my dogs leg. He had been run over and was limping badly. I noticed a considerable difference after just the one session and within a couple of days his limping was only spasmodic and short lived.I recommend Trisha-Rose highly as she has also done the odd session on me with regard to migraine pain/back pain which of course has also been successful.

Glenda Wearn
Auckland, New Zealand

The wonderful benefits of Trisha-Rose’s non-invasive Energy Healing

Trisha-Rose, through her innate energy, has guided me in the realization of the power of the universe to heal myself in mind, body and spirit.I strongly encourage anyone of willing disposition to seek out the wonderful benefits Trisha-Rose is able to make available through her totally non-invasive energy healing.
(a humble and grateful recipient of her loving energy)

Iain Bennett
Christchurch.New Zealand

The happiness, harmony and love that pervades my house today is to me a miracle

When Trisha-Rose comes into your life things start happening.  Sometimes the changes are subtle and sometimes they are more dramatic but they are always for the good.My mother introduced me to Trisha-Rose.  My mother who had suffered almost all my life with serious back problems and was expected to end up in a wheelchair is now stronger than ever.  There are other miracles that have been performed through Trisha-Rose on my mother but this is my testimonial, so I will leave those details for her.

I don’t actually remember why I visited Trisha-Rose, perhaps I was just curious or perhaps a little tired (a common condition to mothers of three small children).  What I do remember is how I was amazed in our first session … as she passed her hands over my body and at each place she stopped (without any input from me) she would tell me something about my body.  Often things that I had forgotten about (eg:  childhood injuries) or things that I had become so accustomed to that I was no longer aware of them.A small example is whenever I was required to keep my mouth open I would experience excruciating cramps in my jaw muscles.  Of course this is not something you need to do a lot and something I had learned to live with, however, one session with Trisha-Rose and I no longer need to.Another session I remember lying on the healing bed with tears streaming from my eyes and yet I was unaware of any emotions.  Finally when I needed to give this emotion a name it was fear.  I was married to a nice man with three lovely children, all that I thought I wanted and yet I was not fulfilled.  I was not content and absolutely terrified that if I stepped out of my ‘good girl’ mould my world would disintegrate …. what if my marriage fell apart …. how would I survive.Thanks to God, Angels and Trisha-Rose I realised that I would have to change if I wanted to survive.  I heard a voice telling me to do ceramics …. so when I returned home (Israel) that’s what I did.  It may seem insignificant but doing something creative, just for myself, was extremely important.  When I nurtured myself I felt so much happier and everybody in the house benefited.Doing this was just the first step towards asserting and caring for myself …. today my marriage is MUCH better and STRONGER …. when I started making changes, my husband was also forced to change and now he is much happier.This may not seem like such a dramatic testimonial and sceptics will say that any good psychologist could have helped me to reach the same point …. but I doubt that two sessions would have been enough to remove emotional blocks and enable me to communicate with my higher self as I did in the two sessions with Trisha-Rose.THE HAPPINESS, HARMONY AND LOVE THAT PERVADES MY HOUSE TODAY IS TO ME A MIRACLE.Trisha-Rose just recently did treatments on all my family ….. many of the results are subtle and the effects such as the grounding of a sensitive child are hugely important yet difficult to prove.I can however testify that for three years I had suffered from back and hip problems.  I tried special massages that combined Reiki, Reflexology and Shiatsu – this relieved the problem but didn’t solve it.  I tried a Physiotherapist, a Chiropractor and an Osteopath … all who managed to sometimes …. to somewhat … relieve the symptoms but never solve the problem.  Now after my recent treatments with Trisha-Rose I no longer have a back problem.  It is amazing that part of my body is completely at ease.

(Trisha-Rose and I live in different countries  …. I am not able to visit her, although I believe that now with her new affirmations I will be better equipped to heal myself. THANK YOU Trisha-Rose)


Best wishes
Susan Ross, Israel

Non-Hodgkins Lyphoma. Trisha-Rose’s spirit surgeon team removed debris to allow healing

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006 and after 6mths of chemotherapy and 2 years free of symptoms I was declared to be in remission. Six months after this in mid October 2009 I returned from an overseas trip to find myself in hospital in some pain under my right rib and around and up into my back. A CAT scan revealed an enlarged lymph node in my upper abdomen at the rear, close to my lung. The doctors said there was a strong possibiity that the lymphoma had returned, and so I had a biopsy done. Thankfully the result was negative for lymphoma and nothing conclusive showed up on the culture results.At this point I heard of Trisha-Rose and the idea of having some spiritual healing really appealed to me. As a Reiki practitioner I know that the body is more than flesh and blood and that healing takes place at many levels. so I was open to whatever happened.During my first treatment I felt myself to grow light as though I was weightless. (This also happened at the following two treatments). Trisha-Rose’s hands were very hot and work was done on the area where my lymphoma originated (collarbone) and at the base of my skull and sides of my neck. I felt a bit teary at the end, about nothing in particular, and I also had a feeling of immense gratitude towards Trish-Rose’s “helpers/guides” for working on me. The area around my collarbone ached for a couple of days before subsiding, but the rest of the week passed with no other effects.During the second treatment Trisha-Rose worked on my torso and I had the extraordinary sensation of having something pushed quite strongly from the side of my abdomen over to the middle, and extricated in what felt like a spiral formation from somewhere in the solar plexus region. Since the end of my chemotherapy I had experienced what I called “a slow digestion” – food seemed to takes ages to digest in my stomach and I would feel full and bloated for hours after eating. After this “removal” I felt much lighter in my body. Again at the end of the session I felt a bit emotional, a little spaced out.The morning after I was walking through the house having just awoken when I smelt the distinctive fragrance of the incense Trisha-Rose uses in the treatment room. I smelt it for perhaps a couple of breaths but as soon as I registered it, it was gone. Also for the following 2 or 3 days whenever I washed my hair there was a return of a metallic smell that was familiar to me when my curly “chemo perm” began growing out. Before, this smell took months to disappear and I was concerned it would be the same this time, however it actually only lasted for those few days.At my third session I again experienced the “removal” of something this time from under my rib. and when Trisha-Rose removed her hand from the area I had the distinct impression that it remained there.When she came back into herself Trisha-Rose told me a surgeon with his team were there. She saw him as a tall man with greying hair in blue scrubs with a light on a headband on his forehead. He was smiling and then he took over her body, She recalled him/herself leaning down to have a good look and sort of vacuuming out the area under the rib and in that vicinity, saying “she doesn’t need that, we’ll remove it”.Trisha-Rose has a gentle and relaxed manner and I ended each session feeling both peaceful and happy. I felt taken care of by those from the spirit world and that all potential source of illness has been removed from my body.

Kathleen Kennedy
Christchurch, New Zealand

Sceptical right brainer experiences healing of all relationships

I knew something was wrong but didn’t know what. I was always frustrated and feeling down.Then I met Trisha-Rose through my daughter’s school friends and got to know her when she asked me to develop her website. Although I was helping Trisha-Rose I still didn’t understand what she did but I became curious and felt a “bond” forming between us. I took up her offer for Spiritual Counselling/Healing even though I was possibly one of the most sceptical people around. I think in mainstream maths, science and medicine not spirituality and natural remedies. I still have no idea what she did but “It was a miracle and I deserve it!” as she tells me. I say she is a witch but a good one!!! I now feel lighter and happier and my relationships with my wife, children, friends and workmates are so much better.

Thank you very much Trisha-Rose.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Absent Healings

Poisoned/Chronic Fatigue/Depressed – Thank you for your GIFT OF HEALING

I feel I had to write to you to express my gratitude and wonder at what has taken place within my life since I had ABSENT HEALING from you nearly two months ago.

As you may recall it was a very dramatic time for me as that eveing I experienced GREAT EMOTIONS, RAINBOW COLOURS WITHIN AND WITHOUT MY BODY a real feeling that I was cleansed.

For two years prior to the healing I had suffered constant pain from a poisoning of the body which could not be leached out and chronic fatigue, naturally I felt depressed at this as I was unable to work any longer.

I now look forward to working again, I see the beauty of life every morning I wake up, the feeling of JOY that has filled my being is like the greatest MIRACLE.

MIRACLES AND ABUNDANCE in my life are daily events now and I am still in awe of the whole experience of INNER PEACE.

I want to say THANK YOU with all my heart for the GIFT OF HEALING you have been given and will be forever grateful.

MY LIFE HAS NEW MEANING and I look forward to the years now with such hope and anticipation.

Once again THANK YOU and hope your life is touched with the same MAGIC as I know it must be.

Your new friend
Dell Prince-Fechner
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


Trisha-Roses meditation – A truly worthwhile life experience

I went to see Trisha-Rose to help overcome some emotional issues. She suggested joining her meditation classes as a compliment to the healing I received.The meditation classes proved to be a little unnerving at times as I learnt to gently explore areas of my mind to which I had, to all intents and purposes been previously oblivious. Under the guidance and support of Trisha-Rose throughout the classes I learnt valuable lessons in exploring my own mind and achieving an inner peace.A truly worthwhile life experience of mental self exploration with ongoing development potential is how I can best describe these lessons by a gifted teacher.

Unashamedly Iain Bennett, Christchurch

It is like having your own portable relaxation kit

I recently attended Creative Visualisation Classes with Trisha-Rose and would like to recommend them to anyone who would like to learn meditation.I had been interested in meditation and had read books about the techniques, but found I was unable to stop my mind from wandering when I tried at home. When I attended the classes it was very different. The beautiful soothing music and heavenly scents of incense add to the atmosphere. Being in a group is very effective too when the group is breathing in unison. I like the fact that I can now meditate by myself at home and use the techniques anywhere. It is like having your own portable relaxation kit.If you have not tried meditation before this is a very good place to start.

Andrea Morton
Christchurch, New Zealand

Busy mind quietened

Dear Trisha-Rose,

Thank you so much for the wonderful spiritual journey that you took me on. Your beginners meditation course was exactly what I needed to find the quiet place inside my body.

This is the first time that I have been able to achieve this state of meditation and feel weightlessness in my body. You helped me quieten my busy mind too!

You have a very unique and spiritual approach to teaching with so many years of knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you again and I look forward to starting an advanced course with you soon.

Many thanks,
Buderim, Queensland