Trisha-Rose originates from New Zealand.

For over 30 years, Trisha-Rose has been a leading International Intuitive Energy Healer/Teacher/Counsellor, and a 2015-07-20-15-35-00powerful inspiration to many people all around the globe.

It is very natural for many people to seek alternative solutions to their health – body and mind. Trisha-Rose herself contracted endometrial cancer in the early 90’s but decided that conventional treatment was not for her. Following her personal spirit guidance, Trisha-Rose searched and listened, her inner wisdom guided her to affirmations, change of diet, meditation, herbal medicines, exercise and placing of hands on the affected areas. Her spiritual journey of connecting to the source and creating health has become well known through her great success. Through this she healed herself and then went on to help others heal themselves.

As an intuitive energy healer she has a wonderful rapport with the spirit world and has gained an extensive spiritual healing network team. She calls upon them to help her and others heal and guide themselves. As a healer, Trisha-Rose feels she is a pure vessel through which healing can transpire. However, the individual is the one who works with the tools provided by Trisha-Rose to move forward.

Trisha-Rose is also a teacher who guides students to become masters of their own mind, body and soul through creative visualisation workshops and meditation. She also specialises in workshops for Making Meditation Easy for all age groups.

She believes we all have the power to connect to the divine within and heal ourselves. She feels that this is our responsibility and she is here to help us create the miracle.

Trisha-Rose lovingly guides those who come to her to become the MASTER of their own mind/body/emotions and learn how to FORGIVE EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Thus by taking responsibility and charge of their own life, everyone can experience a personal healing on all levels.

Trisha-Rose’s healing sessions are deep and transformational. They release unresolved and blocked negative energies of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual experiences trapped as dis-ease and discomfort in the body and energy fields.

This work provides a powerful accelerated self-healing to transpire consciously and/or subconsciously at the soul level and beyond the cellular level. It is a re-alignment of the mind, body and spirit. This approach creates a pro-active attitude toward change and personal involvement in one’s own health. The healing re-activates the individual’s positive personal power to move forward to create one’s life path in unity with the divine and self.

Each individual is unique and therefore experiences the healing differently.

Trisha-Rose’s healing is profound. It is a wonderful way to transmute and eliminate the ‘dark’ into ‘love and light’. Individuals are richly rewarded if they experience this to know what the healing of the Golden Age is all about. This is essential self-healing for spiritual growth and human evolution. Trisha-Rose welcomes every individual to come and be surprised and delighted with a new sense of joy, love and freedom you may not have felt before.


Love and Light